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An Appeal for Support to Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Pune (India)
Hi Friends and Well-wishers,

A minuscule lane, one among the many in the bustling, momentous city of Pune in Maharashtra, is home to Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, a rare anthology of Indian artefacts that echo myriad tales of a nostalgic legacy within the majestic archways and corridors. It is the one-man collection of Late Dr. D.G. Kelkar (1896 -1990). 'Kaka', as Dr. Kelkar was affectionately known dedicated his collection to the memory of his only son `Raja’ who died an untimely death. It is a collection of about 23,000 priceless artefacts which mirrors the everyday life of India’s millions. 

The impressive Museum collection of 23,000 + priceless artifacts recall the historic Indian culture and traditions, which gently lead to more and more treasures. The Museum contains variety of every day artifacts, which includes artifacts like Lamps, Palanquins, Carved Woodwork, Tin ware, Combs, Bowls, Stones, Hookahs, Locks, Spittoons, Musical Instruments, Miniature Paintings, Glass Paintings, lime containers, Intricately Carved Wooden Doors and Windows, Ancient Dwellings, Nut-cutters, Figurines, Bronzes, Arms and Armours, Ivory, Puppets, Kitchen Utensils, Textile etc. The rich collection from this Museum reflects the elegance of Indian craftsmanship as well the vivid imagination of the artists. The Mastani Mahal rebuild as is in the premises of this Museum depicts the story of love between Bajirao Peshwa I and his legendary beautiful beloved wife Mastani.

You may be aware that being a public space since 17th March, 2020 to 9th January, 2021 and then since 4th April, 2021 to 21st October, 2021 and afterwards since 10th January, 2022 till date the Museum remains closed due to the lock down under Covid 19. Since then, on one hand the Museum has lost its Revenue out of Gate Money completely and on the other hand there is no guarantee of when and how much Maintenance Grant that the State Government of Maharashtra would release for the Financial Year 2021-22 and onwards.

Even if the Museum gets a permission to re-open, hardly anyone would come to see the Museum physically in this grim situation. In such case the very survival of the Museum and that of the employees working for it as well as their respective families is very much at stake.
The Museum requires minimum Rs. 10.50 Lakhs per month to meet all its Obligatory and Statutory expenses towards Salaries of Regular and Contractual Employees, Labour Charges, Contribution towards Employees Provident Fund, Mediclaim, Profession Tax, Fire Insurance, Annual Gratuity Premium, Energy and Telephone Bills and for certain technical measures to protect this Precious Treasure and for General Maintenance. 
Moreover, Year 2022, would be the completion of 101 years from the establishment of this unique Museum (1920 to 2020) and as well be the completion of 126th Birth Anniversary year (10.01.1896 to 17.04.1990) of founder of this precious Museum Padmashree the Late Dr. D. G. Kelkar. 
In the light of above being a well-wisher of this important Museum, an Appeal is made to extend Financial support in the form of a Donation/s, may be under CSR initiative or otherwise Personally. Your noble contribution would surely save this 100 Years Old Glorious Institution from the historic city of Pune. The contributions given in India to the Museum are exempted under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961, please note.
Please refer following Bank Account Details while Writing a Cheque in the name of the Museum in Indian Rupees or while doing an Electronic Funds Transfer.



BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER:               53202010062293

TYPE OF ACCOUNT:                            SAVINGS

IFSC:                                                       CNRB0015320

NAME OF BANK:                                  CANARA BANK

ADDRESS OF BANK:                            712, NARAYAN PETH, LAXMI ROAD, PUNE 411030


EMAIL ADDRESS:                        

MOBILE NUMBER:                               +91 9822037550

* Please note that all Donations/Contributions to the Museum within India stand for an exemption under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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