Gujrat Gallery

When you enter the Gujrat Gallery, the facade or the panoramic view of a Gujrati house is seen in front. All the wooden artifacts like the pillars, brackets etc. are brought from Patan (Gujrat). The objects, specially used in Gujrat like grinding wheel with stand, the spinning wheel, wooden standing lamp, the vessel for churning butter, the worship shrine and dowery box are also displayed in this gallery. The typical short Gujrati chair is prominently displayed here. 

The toilet utilities are displayed in this gallery in the show-cases.  There are so many varieties of 'Vajris'- the foot scrubbers. The Vajris are in geometrical design, birds and animals motives, figures of humans and deties. They are made of brass, copper and terracotta material. They are from Rajasthan, Gujrat, South India, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh of 18th & 19th Century A.D. The Kumkum-boxes  are also displayed in this gallery. They are from Maharashtra and South India of 18th & 19th Century A.D.

The variety of mirrors are also displayed in this gallery. The mirror with handles, decorative mirrors, brass and round mirrors are seen. The mirror made of jade and the mirror of Anandibai Peshwe, wife of great warrior Raghobadada are the mentionworthy.

There are so many varieties of Sindur and Surma-boxes. They are in birds and animals motives and human figures. They are from Maharashtra, Gujrat, South India of 18th& 19th Century A.D. The combs and the boxes made of sandal wood are some of the very important artifacts. They are from South India of 18th Century A.D. In one sense this is a gallery for female folk.

The worship-shrine from Wai (Satara) is a main attraction of this gallery. The pillars and seat are silver-guilted and the upper part of the shrine is golden-guilted. The shrine is very decorative. The wooden Jay-Vijay (the guards of Sri Vishnu), the wheel of Zodiac signs, the Yali (the evil-crusher) and Minakshi are also displayed in this gallery.